Update from the Hub July 2022

At the beginning of 2022 the Hub was still suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  During March and April staff observed a drop off in children using the service as many homeless youths were infected with Covid. The Hub provided access to free ATK tests for those children suspected of having an infection. […]

End corporal punishment

What is Corporal Punishment?

What is Corporal Punishment? Corporal punishment is a method of physical discipline intended to cause pain to a person. When it’s inflicted on minors, especially in home and school settings, its methods may include spanking or caning. Corporal punishment or violent discipline by caregivers is the most common form of violence against children. Worldwide, 4 […]

Cyber Threats #DQEveryChild

Child Online Safety Concerns

A recent global survey The Child Online Safety Index (COSI) ranked Thailand last out of 30 countries selected for the research project. The study, conducted over 3 years collected data from 145,426 children and collated scores based on a wide range of online activity and metrics. The country fell particularly short in the Cyber Risks […]