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Every child has a right to feel safe

Childline  Thailand provides its services for any child living in Thailand under the age of 18.

The foundation works with various government and NGO stakeholders to safeguard the rights of every child as outlined by the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC).

Our Contact Centre handles calls and messages from children in need 24/7. The team provides counselling and a direct link between children and support services.

Childline Thailand also manages The Hub, a centre in Bangkok which offers vital support to homeless youths living on the streets.

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Children are encouraged to talk about their problems without judgment or fear of making things worse. Outreach services can link children to immediate rescue, safety and provide direct support to the child.

“SaiDek 1387”, like most Childlines around the world, is not associated with any government agency. This makes it possible for the organization to urge the authorities to take action and to fully function as a spokesperson and representative of the child population of Thailand

Over one hundred countries worldwide have their own child helplines and many others are in the process of starting one. Helplines for children across the world have demonstrated their effectiveness by providing direct assistance to children in need and making comfort, help and emotional support immediately available.


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