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The Hub opened in 2011 and offers much needed support to children and teenagers in the centre of Bangkok. We help by providing food, showers, medical support and education.

A safe space

If the Hub’s staff identify any children at risk or in crisis, they will always endeavour to assist in any way that they can. The Hub maintains the policy of assisting anyone who falls outside the target groups and will ensure that they are referred to the appropriate services/organisation(s). The Hub’s projects are aimed at children and young people up to 18 and experiencing the following circumstances: living locally but experiencing abuse or a difficult home environment, struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction, homeless/sleeping rough in the Pomprab District, not actively enrolled in school or suffering from loneliness.


The Problems

Childline staff assists children and families in multiple ways on a daily basis – problems range from loneliness
and family misunderstandings to severe abuse cases.


Children living in street situations are at risk of being exploited, often sexually. This is especially true in Bangkok where many homeless children face physical and mental abuse. HIV is also a serious problem, affecting more than 480,000 people in Thailand (2018) and 100 new infections a year amongst children 0-14.

Often youths will start using drugs as a way to escape from their difficult lives and fight depression. The most prevalent drugs are methamphetamines which are cheaply available on the street. Alcohol dependancy is also an issue for some. Drug abuse can lead to poor health and a cycle of addiction.

99% of the children who visit the Hub have experienced some kind of violence, whether it’s physical or mental. Living on the street is especially dangerous with threats arising from gangs, drugs, prostitution and abuse from members of the public.

Life can be lonely on the streets and many children suffer from depression as a result of neglect. They may have left home to escape from abusive situations and are without any friends or family to look after them.

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