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Hidden Scars

Hidden Scars

Hidden scars: how violence harms the mental health of children Download English version ดาวน์โหลดเวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทย The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in various unprecedented crises including threats to people’s mental health. The significant impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health has led related studies to recommend that this issue should be treated as an international public health […]

Update from the Hub July 2022


At the beginning of 2022 the Hub was still suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  During March and April staff observed a drop off in children using the service as many homeless youths were infected with Covid. The Hub provided access to free ATK tests for those children suspected of having an infection. […]

What is Corporal Punishment?

End corporal punishment

What is Corporal Punishment? Corporal punishment is a method of physical discipline intended to cause pain to a person. When it’s inflicted on minors, especially in home and school settings, its methods may include spanking or caning. Corporal punishment or violent discipline by caregivers is the most common form of violence against children. Worldwide, 4 […]

Speak Up about Sexual Abuse

Stop sexual abuse

Speaking up can be an empowering first step towards healing for sexual violence victims. It may be difficult to understand why sexual survivors often stay silent. The main reasons are a fear of being judged or not being believed, repeat abuse and physical harm. Often parents don’t talk to their children about prevention of sexual […]

Children hit hardest by third wave

Screen Shot 2564-06-16 at 20.14.43

Fatigued by the pandemic, children in Thailand are suffering as they endure ongoing disruption to their education and social life, whilst their parents battle the economic fallout. Schools in ‘dark red zones’, including Bangkok, remain closed and low-income households have faced many challenges since the First Wave lockdown in March 2020. Financial hardship and mental […]

Helping the Helpless

Homeless Bangkok

As the ongoing pandemic further isolates an already vulnerable group, homeless youths turn to the Hub for protection Having run away from home at the age of nine, scrawny and pint-sized Bank*, now 16, is one of many faceless street children who have hit rock bottom since the first wave of Covid-19 began last year. […]

International Child Helpline Day 2021

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International Child Helpline Day has been celebrated every year on 17 May since 2005  to recognise the achievement of child helplines around the world. Covid-19 has seen an increase in contacts to many helplines, including childline Thailand. Since countries locked down, children have become more vulnerable to violence at home and increasingly likely to suffer from […]

End Corporal Punishment


April 30th is International Day to End Corporal Punishment of Children and Childline Thailand are supporting the movement to ban all forms of violence against children. Corporal punishment is lawful in the home and in alternative care and day care settings in Thailand and although it is banned in schools since 2000, it is still prevalent. According […]

Child Online Safety Concerns

Cyber Threats #DQEveryChild

A recent global survey The Child Online Safety Index (COSI) ranked Thailand last out of 30 countries selected for the research project. The study, conducted over 3 years collected data from 145,426 children and collated scores based on a wide range of online activity and metrics. The country fell particularly short in the Cyber Risks […]

Thai Student Protests

Anti-government protesters and students attend a demonstration demanding the government to resign, in front of the Ministry of Education in Bangkok, Thailand September 5, 2020. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

Winds of Change This month scenes of protests in Thailand were broadcast around the world, with people taking to the streets in largely peaceful demonstrations. Many of the protestors were students and youths seeking to challenge the establishment and exercise their democratic rights.  Initially the protests were organised by a group called the ‘Bad Students’ […]

Sarasas School Scandal

Sarasas child abuse

Child abuse in schools hit the headlines in Thailand last month. The spotlight is on one of the country’s most prominent private school networks ‘Sarasas’ after allegations were made against a kindergarten teacher. CCTV footage leaked to the press by parents reveals the teacher hitting and dragging a student across the classroom floor. Subsequently a […]

AustCham Donation

AustCham Donation

Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF) wish to thank the Australian- Thai Chamber of Commerce for the generous donation they made in December 2019. AustCham is one of the most active foreign chambers in Thailand. Their extensive network has been growing since 1977 and over the years the Chamber has influenced the development of  two-way trade between […]

A refuge for Bangkok’s vulnerable children

The Hub

Childline Thailand Foundation’s Hub Saidek: A child-centered refuge for Bangkok’s vulnerable children   In response to the large volume of calls Childline Thailand Foundation was receiving from young people in street situations in and around Bangkok, paired with the weakening government support available for these young people, in 2011 Childline Thailand Foundation founded the Hub Saidek. Working alongside […]

End Child Marriages

Childline Thailand ending child marriage event

On the 19th July Childline Thailand will hold an event with the objective of raising awareness about child marriages. We have invited 50 participants from different communities and will engage in dialogue and advocate for a change in the law. Objectives To raise public awareness on the child marriage situation in Thailand and ASEAN countries.  […]