End Child Marriages

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  • July 16, 2019

On the 19th July Childline Thailand will hold an event with the objective of raising awareness about child marriages. We have invited 50 participants from different communities and will engage in dialogue and advocate for a change in the law.


  1. To raise public awareness on the child marriage situation in Thailand and ASEAN countries. 
  2. To enhance the CSOs capacities to articulate and assert the improvement of Child
    Marriage Laws on the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, section 1448 and the Act on
    Application of Islamic Law, BE 2489.
  3. To exchange knowledge and skills of case management.
  4. To strengthen the collaboration between the governments and Civil Society
    Organizations (CSOs).
    ● Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
    ● Royal Thai Police
    ● Southern Border Provinces Investigation Division
    ● Sheikhul Islam Office
    ● Children and Youth Protection Division
    ● CSOs from CRC Coalition Thailand

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