Awareness is a necessary part of the work of any child helpline. Child helpline awareness work aims at empowering children and community members to dial the number when in crisis, as well as building partnerships across society where each has a role to play in protecting children



Currently, there is no fully functional and reliable referral and monitoring system in place for the cases of Child Rights violations. The referral and monitoring system in Thailand is only being set up. The community members and children by majority are not aware and do not know Child Rights as such nor are they aware of the existence of the new Child Protection Act. Therefore, a direct assistance unit can tremendously speed up response to the childs outcry for help as has been shown by the trial run of the Phuket outreach unit.


Childline identity needs to be strengthened. Just like any famous brand is always associated with its logo and consistent quality, every child needs to identify Childline as a friend they can call to protect them whenever they want. The communities in turn needs to be confident that childline translates into child protection. Any child or adult anywhere in Thailand looking at Childline logo or number needs to feel safety and security about the Childline service.